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The United States and the World section includes articles with a national focus on American politics and policy as well as articles that discuss international issues. Articles that discuss international issues are framed in the context of American foreign policy, their effects on American domestic politics, and their effect on the American people.

U.S. Drone Warfare and Civilian Casualties: A Comparison of the Obama, Trump, and Biden Administrations

by Robert Wargaski

While drones have been extolled by elected officials for their alleged precision and accuracy, there are questions regarding the civilian impact of drones.


Race to the Top as a Blueprint for National Police Reform

by Isaac Velez

Police misconduct is a perennial issue in the United States that disproportionately affects minority communities. The similarities between police reform and education reform policy create an opportunity to replicate a Race To The Top program to reform and reverse trends that policing reinforces.

Understanding ESSA: Reforming the Fundamental American Ideal of Education

by Neha Saju 

Although education seems to sit on the policy agenda indefinitely, today’s leaders must learn to evaluate past legislation and shape America’s education system to finally stand the test of time.

The Sino-Vietnamese Partnership: Opportunities for American Engagement in the Asia-Pacific

by Adam Soliman

While it is doubtful that Vietnam will completely break from China to seek a formal alliance with the US, there is a valuable opportunity for America to deepen its engagement with Vietnam and gain a strategic partner in Southeast Asia.